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Good News! The Shott Scholar Award from University of North Georgia has funded another research trip in May 2017 which will continue expanding the content of the "Mapping Matthew Arnold's North American Lecture Tour (1883-1884): A GIS Digital Humanities Project." The last Shott Scholar award allowed many sites in and around Boston, MA, to be logged and photographed and archival access to many sites was granted. This latest Shott Award will wrap up Massachussetts, visiting Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, Salem, MA, and Trinity Episcopal Church in Haverhill, MA. Dartmouth College's archivist, in New Hampshire, has also granted a visit. This project visually renders, through precise static maps and an interactive web-based map, Matthew Arnold's first North American lecture tour through much of the United States and into Canada from October 1883-March 1884.

New! Read "Tailing the Scholar Gypsy," an invited blog post for the Placing the Author: Literary Tourism in the Long Nineteenth Century conference!

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Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold
A rare photograph of Arnold smiling